I’m the Betty in the Bottom Dollar, originally from Yorkshire in the UK and now settled down south in Bristol

(via a detour in Berlin).

I make badass, bold, high-quality spandex items for people who want to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in their

clothes as well as their own skin...

Betty Bottom Dollar was born after I spent a few years trying to source shiny outfits and leggings for stage performances

and I found - after a LOT of searching - that most stuff was, frankly, rubbish. Fabric was cheap with shine coatings rubbing

off after one wear, sizing was dodgy (there is nothing quite as annoying as continuously hiking up leggings that are desperately trying to make a break for it and slide down over your butt for the entire day) and no-one likes walking around with wrinkly knees. 

So whilst living in Berlin in  2015 I eventually decided enough was enough, took the matter into my own hands and developed a pattern that is high waisted, booty-friendly, sag-free and above all comfortable.

My personal taste veers pretty far over to the more patterned, bold coloured and shiny side of things and that’s exactly what I like to work with. I design things that I love and I take care to ensure that they look amazing at the same time as being functional and durable. I’ve done my research to find the best quality stretch fabrics and all of my printed lycras stay vibrant wash after wash. You won’t find fast-fashion throwaway items or unicorn fluff in my shop – it’s all about hand-crafted pieces that you can go out and have fun in again and again whilst standing out in the crowd and feeling incredible. 

Big love and welcome! ♥


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